Warmbier 7220.870.V.SET Extension Handle For Use with Probes

  • Add Up To Three Feet to the Handle of ESD probes
  • Eliminates the need to Bend During Testing
  • Rugged Metal Design
  • Three Piece Consuction Allows it to be Packed Away
  • For Use With Resistance Meters
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Part Number: 7220.870.V.SET
Categories: Test Equipment,

Make testing floors easier with an extension handle for probes used to take resistance measurements.

Model 7220.870.V.SET extension handle eliminates the need to bend to pick up and move ESD probes while testing ESD floors. Extends the handle of standard ESD probes by three feet. The extension handle is three pieces which makes it easy to pack away into cases when not in use. The full part number is: 7220.870.V.SET

Compatible with most ESD Resistance Meters and the following Transforming Technologies meters: