WPA01 - Polyester Cellulose Cleanroom Wiper - Presaturated 70% IPA

  • Ideal for item pass-thru wipe down & controlled environmental cleaning
  • Excellent choice for general purpose wiping; clean & economical
  • 70% IPA and 30% de-ionized water
  • Reduce IPA usage, VOC levels & improve cleaning performance
  • Compatible with ISO Class 5+ (Class 100) cleanroom environments
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Part Number: WPA01
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Data Sheet

IPA WipersPresaturated cleanroom wipes are convenient and effective for a variety of cleaning applications, including controlled environments, electronics, medical and general use applications that require quick removal of contaminants and sanitation.

WPA01 nonwoven IPA wipes are made from 55% cellulose and 45% polyester hydroentangled materials, which create a strong, clean, and absorbent wiper. Saturated with 70% pure isopropyl alcohol and 30% 10Mohm de-ionized water in precise saturation levels ensure excellent wipe down/pick up, with economy in mind. This material and chemistry has excellent application compatibility. An ideal choice where cleanliness, performance, and economics are important. Class 100 Compatible

Features & Specifications

  • 55% Cellulose/45% Polyester; Hydroentangled
  • Pre-moistened with ultra-pure 70% IPA/30% de-ionized water
  • Low particle and fiber generation
  • High liquid absorbency per basis weight
  • Maintains high strength in wet applications