RangerBOSS Wifi Dual Wire Constant Monitor - Model CM2800W

  • Monitors two dual wire wrist straps, two worksurfaces, two auxiliary grounds, and  operator voltage
  • WIFI - The CM2800-Wifi does not use wires to create the network.  It utilizes a WIki signal to connect constant monitors to your database
  • Uses resistance based monitoring technology
  • Ultra-low voltage signal
  • Conductive metal case
  • Alarms are selectable with software
  • Network-ready for use in the Boss-See system
NOTE: This is a non-stock product.  If you are interested in the CM2800-WIFI, please contact Transforming Technologies for more information. 
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Part Number: CM2800-WIFI

A wireless data-logging dual wire constant monitor for up to two people and two work surfaces with adjustable alarm limits.

The RangerBOSS Wifi dual conductor workstation monitor provides complete ESD protection to two operators by monitoring both resistance and voltage independently using dual conductor wrist strap. It also monitors ESD mat ground and low resistance of tool chassis’ ground simultaneously. Utilizing ultra-low voltage, resistive loop technology, the CM2800 is an extremely sensitive and reliable ground monitoring unit for use in highly critical areas.

The RangerBOSS Wifi is totally wireless and can easily be connected to other workstation monitors and a computer using Wifi. The host computer can be transformed into a command center with the software CM2800-BOSS SEE, a central monitoring program that shows real-time grounding results and allows for adjustment of alarm parameters of up to 4096 workstations. An entire assembly line’s ESD protection can be remotely monitored and adjusted with one computer.

The RangerBOSS’s alarm limits are user programmable via the optional PC software CM2800-SEE. Operator Resistance, Operator Voltage, Work Surface Resistance, and Resistance of Equipment alarms can be enabled/disabled and limits selectable to user specifications.

Proactive Key Functions:

  • Wrist-strap Alarm: High Limit: 8MΩ ~ 35MΩ (35m default); Low Limit: 750KΩ ~ 2.4MΩ
  • Operator Voltage Alarm: ±1V ~ ±5V
  • Mat Alarm: 1MΩ ~ 140MΩ
  • Tool Alarm: 2Ω ~ 20Ω
  • Via CM-2800-D, provide digital display on LCD. Also provide 4-20 mA or 0 – 5V analog outputs and external interfaces for siren and tool controls


Hard drive manufacturing / GMR head testing / Electronics assembly / Aerospace / Military / Semiconductor Fabrication / Any static sensitive assembly and test environment