ESD Jackets: Lightweight 8812 Fabric, V-Neck Collar, ESD Knit Cuff

  • EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE: Made with lightweight polyester fabric for maximum breathability.  Our 8812 series fabric is 88% polyester and 12% carbon for the perfect mix of comfort and ESD protection
  • ESD PROTECTION: Our jackets are certified ESD-safe with a resistance of less than 10^8
  • MAXIMUM VENTILATION: The jackets are built with a V-neck collar which allows for maximum ventilation
  • LENGTH: Mid-thigh or 3/4ths length jacket which covers more clothing which protects against static damage
  • ESD KNIT CUFF: The jackets feature a comfortable ESD knit cuff which also allows for "Hands-Free" grounding
  • COLORS: Light Blue, White and Maroon
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A lightweight and breathable V-Neck ESD jacket that keeps you cool and protected while you work and ESD Knit Cuffs allow for hands-free grounding. 

The JKC Series 8812 V-Neck Collar jackets are fabricated from light weight 88% polyester and 12% carbon fabric for unmatched operator comfort. Superior workmanship provides reliable panel to panel continuity. The JKC Series 8812 jackets maintains consistent continuity readings for up to 100 wash cycles. Available in light blue, maroon and white.

Hands-Free Grounding
Knit Cuff “Hands-Free” Smocks are worn with wrist straps attached inside the left hand cuff, and coil cords for the wrist strap attached to the left hip pocket. The wrist strap is connected to the coil cord at the snap via a “dedicated ground seam” lining the inside of the left arm down the left torso to the snap. This frees the hands from dragging cords across nearby objects. The coil cord for the wrist strap can then be attached to a bench mount ground, common point ground, constant monitor, or free standing ground.

Cleaning / Washing

Machine Wash Warm. Do Not Bleach. Do Not Add Detergent or Softener. Cool Tumble Dry or Hang. Remove Promptly. Surfactants such as laundry detergent and fabric softeners can chemically break down the black carbon static shielding fabric woven into ESD smocks and lab coats. Do not add them to wash.