Remove static from a balance or scale

Static electricity can have a negative impact on your measurements when using a scale or balance. Static electricity can cause several measurement issues: values may fluctuate or gradually change; repeatably of measurements is poor; or values may be stable but inaccurate.  Static electricity is essentially an electrical charge at rest or an electrical charge that accumulates on an object when it is rubbed against another object producing friction. Static can be removed, or “discharged” with an ionizer.


The Staticmaster 2U500 Ionizing Cartridge is the only self powered stat

ic eliminator available today. The small device requires no airflow, makes it an ideal solution for in-balance ionization. The 2U500 is inherently balanced to zero volts – which helps ensure thorough static removal for accurate weighs every time.

Significantly enhances the static eliminating power of the 2U500 Ionizing cartridge. Extensive testing has shown that adding the Grounding Kit to your in-balance ionizer can significantly increase the performance of the static eliminator. An indispensable accessory for mounting a 2U500 cartridge in the Balance Chamber. Simply remove the protective layer of the double-sided tape and affix the E-Z Mount to the back wall of the chamber. Once the mount is attached, replacing the 2U500 Ionizing Cartridge is fast and easy.