Warmbier METRISO®2000 Surface Resistance Test Kit

Warmbier METRISO®2000 Surface Resistance Test Kit

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Product Description

Complete test kit for resistance measurement of most parts of an ESD protection plan. METRISO 2000 test kit comes complete with two probes (5lb) and has an integrated temperature and humidity gauge. Test range: 10^3 to 10^12 ohm

All measured values ??can be stored in the instrument and, with the help of the included software transferred to PC via USB cable. With the software program readings can be handled, stored and measurement protocols can be printed.

METRISO 2000 can be supplemented with various probes; miniprobe (7220.840.SET) for control of e.g trays and conveyer lines, ringprobe (7220.880.SET) and handprobe for control of resistance to floors and shoes.

Evaluate packaging materials
Evaluate garments
Measure flooring, work surfaces and furniture resistance
Measure electrostatic fields
Measure temperature and realative humidity
Analyze ionizers performance

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