Static Care Antistatic Hand Lotion

  • Allows for improved contact between a persons skin and grounding device
  • Contaminant-free to keep work station ESD safe
  • Contains aloe vera, natural moisturizers, and vitamins to promote happy and healthy skin
  • Non-greasy formula will not interfere with grip or agility
  • Clean and refreshing scent
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StaticCareTM Antistatic Hand Lotion is specially created for use by individuals in the electronics industry to increase the conductivity of the skin.

This fast absorbing, non-greasy ESD hand lotion enhances the contact between a persons skin and grounding devices such as wrist straps and heel grounders, specifically for those with dry skin. It is free of glycerin, mineral oils, silicones, and lanolin which will keep your work area ESD safe and free from contamination.

Apply a small amount of Static CareTM lotion with hands to desired areas where grounding devices are used. Rub evenly into skin until absorbed. Any excess lotion may be removed with a towel. To re-move from skin completely, warm water and a mild soap may be used.

Benefits & Features of the Transforming Technologies Antistatic Lotion:


Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20 and ANSI/ESD S-6.1

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