SC1206C Disposable Clean Room Shoecover

Item #: SC1206C

  • Disposable Clean Room Shoecover
  • Conductive Black Strip
  • Economical one-time-use cover
  • Packs of 300
    • 0 $


Maintain cleanliness and ESD protection with disposable clean room shoecovers.

Disposable clean room shoecovers provide protection for staff on the move. The durable shoecovers are made from two (2) pieces of heavy-weight 1.25oz (40 gm) polypropylene and work well when worn inside laundered bootcovers. The surged-seam inside shoecover design features an elastic opening that fits most regular shoe styles.  A conductive strip provides a ground path for the operator.

Sold in packs of 300.  Available in blue.

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