P-2021-Z705 Refinishing Gun

P-2021-Z705 Neutralizer™ Refinishing Gun

Item #: p-2021-z705

The Neutralizer Auto Body Gun was designed with the automotive repair shop in mind. It features a light weight, powder coated, cast aluminum handle, non-scratching Delrin OSHA tip, and the intrinsically safe Alpha ionizing cartridge.



The Neutralizer™ was designed specifically as an antistatic refinishing gun for the auto body, boat building and furniture industries. It neutralizes static charges as it removes dust and dirt, allowing for a superior product in the end.

NRD’s line of Industrial Ionizing Gun Kits feature ergonomic designs, rugged construction and reliable performance. All guns are self-power by NRD’s proprietary alpha ionizing cartridge Model 2021. These high-quality guns require little or no maintenance and are intrinsically safe for use in flammable or explosive environments. From plastics and printing to packaging and auto body, there is an gun kit to suit virtually every industrial application.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 in

0.7secs (30psig) at 12in.

Power Input

Self Powered