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FM52X3AC ComfortDOME Autoclavable Anti-Fatigue Mat – 2’x3′

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Item #: FM52X3AC

  • ANTI-FATIGUE: Provides an anti-fatigue, energizing surface to stand on in sterile/controlled environments.
  • AUTOCLAVABLE: Mat withstands 52 autoclave cycles (20 minutes at temperatures of 121C /250F) with no deformations.
  • DURABILITY: Moderate resistance to organic and inorganic acids, salts, alkali chemicals, oils, fats, waxes, amines esters, polyols, ketones and aldehydes.
  • COMFORT: Evenly spaced “ComfortDOMES” on the surface of the mat provides superior anti-fatigue relief .
  • SIZE: Single work area mats- sizes: 2’x3′ x 1/2″ thick
  • STANDARDS: Meets ISO 7218:2007 and 1:2013 (clause 5.6.2) autoclave sterilization protocol, ASTM G21 anti-microbial standards
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Energizing 2 x3′ ComfortDOME anti-fatigue mat provides unparalleled comfort in sterile areas and other controlled environments. 

The ComfortDOME autoclavable mat is an excellent anti-fatigue mat for sterile environments such as hospitals, surgery centers, laboratories, pharmaceutical and life science applications. The mat is made with a specially formulated rubber that is both anti-microbial and autoclavable, to ensure that all harmful pathogens are eliminated.


ComfortDOMES provide energizing responsiveness


Clean: Autoclavable & Anti-Microbial
The ComfortDOME mat passes ISO 7218:2007 and 1:2013 (clause 5.6.2) autoclave sterilization protocol as well as ASTM G21 anti-microbial standard. Our mat withstands 52 autoclave cycles (20 minutes at temperatures of 121C /250F) with no deformations. In addition, the mat has moderate resistance to:

  • Mild organic and inorganic acids, salts and alkali chemicals
  • Animal & vegetable based oils, fats, waxes and mineral oils
  • Amines esters, polyols, ketones and aldehydes

Evenly spaced ComfortDOMES on the conductive surface of the mat provides superior anti-fatigue relief because ComfortDomes get softer as compressed, not harder like products made with foam. ComfortDOMES recover/rebound more rapidly than most foam resulting in an energizing responsiveness not found in other mats.  ComfortDOMES function like a spring to return energy. The unique “air pocket” structure becomes softer as compressed. ComfortDOMES rebound instantly as weight is shifted.

Autoclavable Anti-fatigue mats pro-vides comfortable surface where flooring must be sterilized:

  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Research Centers
  • Industrial Workstations
  • Other controlled environments

Why Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Mats
Ergonomic matting is designed to work with the human body to ease the tasks that the body performs. In the case of a standing work station, anti-fatigue mats are of critical importance in reducing short-term fatigue and discomfort from standing for long periods of time. These benefits also lead to real savings through increased productivity and worker moral, and decreases in sick leave, workers’ compensation claims and substandard production due to operators’ lack of concentration caused by fatigue.

Additional information

Dimensions 24 × 36 × .5 in

Bubble Domes


NBR/SBR Rubber Blend


Provide an Anti-Fatigue Surface In Control Environments





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