CC3000NR Interconnect Two Banana Coil Cord with No Resistor

  • Cord use to connect two items together
  • Each end terminates with a standard banana plug
  • Length: 8′
  • Resistor: No Resistor.
  • Flex Life: > 50,000 flexes
  • Color: Black
  • Banana: Swivel type
    • 0 $


The Transforming Technologies CC3000NR Interconnect Two Banana Coil Cord has 2.5 mm polyurethane coil insulation that offers excellent coil memory. Two standard banana plugs allow the cord to connect two devices such as mats or ground cords that feature banana jacks. Cords come in 8” length.

Additional information


Single Wire Coil Cord




Two Swivel Type


No Resistor

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