BF4 EZ Mount for the StaticMaster 1U400 – Extra-Low Profile Alpha Ionizer

Item #: BF4

  • Mounting bracket for the 1U400 alpha ionizer
  • Perfect for small, hard to reach areas
  • in-balance static elimination


An indispensable accessory for mounting a 1U400 Ionizing Cartridge in the balance chamber. Simply remove the protective layer of the double-sided tape and affix the E-Z mount to the back wall of the chamber. Once the mount is attached, installing ionizing cartridges is fast and easy.

The Staticmaster® 1U400, 1″ Ionizing Cartridge is a self-powered static eliminator. Its small profile makes it an ideal solution for in-balance elimination or other hard to reach areas. This small profile ionizer offers “zero-volts balance” technology, which means that it can effectively remove all of the static charge present in your media and samples. This ensures accurate weighing every time.

Similar to the 2U500, the 1U400 has the same static eliminating potential in the smallest configuration we offer, measuring only 1.02″ x .93″ x .24″ thick.


Material: 302 Stainless steel housing and grid
Weight: 0.2 oz. (5.7g)
Isotope: Polonium-210
Emission: Alpha
Activity: 500 µCi
Optimum range: 0.5″ to 1.5″

Alpha Ionization Technology.

Alpha energy delivers an intrinsically balanced cloud of ions that are extremely effective in eliminating static changes, reducing product damage and yield loss in the electronics, plastics, graphics, printing and converting industries.  They are great for critical applications such as explosive environments because they do not require power and do not product sparks.

Based upon safe alpha technology, the ionizers are powered by their own internal energy source, Polonium-210. This naturally occurring isotope is locked inside a metallurgically bonded foil of gold and silver using NRD’s proprietary encapsulation process, assuring you of a safe, sealed source of alpha ionization.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 in

0.5in. to 1.5in.


0.44secs at 12in.

Power Input

Self Powered

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