282A-1 Pocket-sized, Noncontacting Static Meters

Item #: 281A

282A-1 Pocket-sized, Noncontacting Static Meters



The Digital Stat-Arc 2 model 282A-1 are pocket-sized, noncontacting static meters which produce consistently accurate readings, and are easy to use.

With the Model 282, accuracy is unquestioned.
Simply hold the instrument so the range finder LED beams form a non-pulsing circle indicating you’re at exactly the right distance from the target for readings up to 20 kV. Additionally, Monroe’s chopper-stabilized circuitry is immune to ionization, unlike ordinary static locators. Zeroing is push-button simple.

Pair the 282A with the 282CPS system to evaluate ESD ionizer performance. The 282CPS includes a charge plate attachment for the field meter and a charging source to charge the plate attachment.

Pulsing-beam range finder for always obtaining
the correct reading

Exclusive Auto-Zero circuit

HOLD button captures transient readings
Recorder output and 40-hour battery

Drift-free accuracy even in ionized environments
Charged plate adapter available
Model 282IS – Intrinsically safe (IS) meter
UL Certification Class I Groups A, B, C, D and Class II Groups E, F, G

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