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Warmbier PGT120.COM Data Logging ESD Tester

A complete data logging ESD test station for ESD heel straps/footwear and wrist straps. The PGT120.COM ESD grounding tester takes quick and accurate resistance measurements of ESD wrist straps, ESD
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  • TESTING: Independently test the functioning of ESD footwear & wrist strap grounding products and signals if there is a problem
  • INTELLIGENT: A “Smart” ESD Combo tester that integrates with a computer to record test results into a database
  • DATA TERMINALS: Requires the one of three Data Terminal to record data: DataTerminal2, DataTerminal3 with RFID reader and TC18 Touch Screen Computer.
  • PLUG AND PLAY: Can work with many other USB devices such as label printer, RFID reader, card reader, keypad, light signal, bar code scanner and more
  • HANDS-FREE: Automatically test footwear in hands-free mode
  • ACCURATE: Uses a 100volt test circuit (by default) which is the same voltage used for qualification tests.  Adjustable to 30 or 50volts as well.
  • BARRIERS: The PGT120.COM can integrate with a door/barrier system and trigger the barrier to open with a PASS test. Interested in a Turnstile? Learn more about our AccessPRO turnstile system.

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