Ionizer Service

Air purity inside of your manufacturing facility is important. If you work with chemicals or materials your company builds that produce dangerous fumes, you need a way to rid the manufacturing facility of these dangerous airborne toxins. In other instances, if you work in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, computer engineering or a similar industry, the smallest bit of dust or debris, down to a fraction of a millimeter, can infiltrate your work and destroy it. Ionizer_Overhead_IN5130-Magic In order to improve the quality of air, your company likely takes a variety of precautions, one of which may be to have an ionizer installed. By ridding your air of particles, you help improve the quality of air for workers and for the material you produce. However, you do need to have the ionizer cleaned and repaired from time to time. Should it become dirty or damaged, you lose the ability to completely purify your air, which in turn can shutdown the entire manufacturing process. To avoid this, you need to utilize an ionizer service from time to time. This cleans, calibrates and restores the device to its full functionality, ensuring you do not suffer from any potential electrical shutdowns.

Why Clean the Ionizer

The ionizer, which also is referred to as a negative ion generator, uses a large amount of energy to electrically charge air molecules in the facility. The negatively charged ions are attracted to the positive, which draws the dust, debris and other particles from the air into the ionizer. Your commercial air purifier likely uses an ionizer method of reducing impurities in the atmosphere, although ionizers do come in a few different designs. Over time, the dust and other debris begins to build up on the device, which reduces its ability to create ionizers and bring in in the impurities from the air. As the ionizer continues to run more and more debris remains in the air, causing potential problems within your facility.

Problems May Occur

There are a few different issues you may experience if your ionizer is not cleaned and maintained properly. First, when dust and other debris remains in the air, it can reduce the quality of your finished product. It may also completely damage the material, rendering it useless. This is especially the case if you work in the pharmaceutical industry. However, there are other issues that may occur, depending on the industry you work in and the kind of machinery inside of the production facility. If your facility uses a large amount of high powered electronics, either during production or you manufacture the electronics, the debris remaining in the air can cause other problems. Due to the large amount of electricity already in the room, dust may act as a conduit, causing energy to jump between dust. This may result in the creation of an electrostatic charge. Unaccounted for electricity in such a facility can result in equipment shorting out, robotic damage and the potential loss of tens of thousands of dollars in electrical failure, all because of dust remaining in the air. That is exactly why your facility needs to utilize an ionizer service to clean the device and restore it to 100 percent functionality.

Ionizer Cleaning, Calibration and Verification

BFN801-ionizing-blowerOne ionizer service you need to consider is the cleaning. This removes dust particles from the ionizer to ensure it runs at peak efficiency. During the cleaning, all tools and fixtures are removed and placed into a clean room in order to maintain proper air quality balance. Over time, the circuitry in the control unit does drift, so this area needs to be cleaned as well. After cleaning and everything is reassembled, the unit receives appropriate calibration to restore the device to 100 percent efficiency. Verification of the system is another ionizer service provided. This is designed to correct any issues found within the ionizer. While cleaning the ionizer restores functionality, as parts do drift over time, it may not be properly calibrated, so the verification seeks to identify issues while also looking over different parts within the ionizer to see if everything ¬†internally is working at peak efficiency. Plus, the verification is designed to make sure the right ionizer is used for your facility. As there are different kinds, you need to have the appropriate unit for the kind of facility and what you need removed from the air. Proper verification is needed here. There are different ionizer service options you can select from. No matter what you choose however, it is important for you to maintain your ionizer and keep it at peak efficiency. This not only helps reduce potential problems with the air quality by your manufacturing line, it also limits the chance of possible contamination and electrical shock discharges.